As we’re looking back at 2020, Cardi B is not the only one that went viral with WAP. A quick overview of what this paper covers:

  • workflow automation products (also WAP) tapped into underserved areas by traditional ERP (collaboration, visibility, and connectivity) for SME
  • they penetrate the segment with strategies that address its characteristics
  • these solutions are part of an ecosystem led by reporting tools, leaving vendors to leverage advantages (team, community, integration) to win over


Workflow Automation Products (WAP) are cloud-based solutions that aim at automating manual and low-value tasks. Despite the revolution of ERP systems during the 90s…

I always envy people who write well because of their ability to express thoughts in a structured way. I believe people who write well, think well and vice versa.

We used to see each other face, but now it’s just words

Since March 2020, everything went online, most of them still are. My human connection shrinks to my circles of closest people (family, ex-colleagues, classmates). It has gradually become clear, writing would be the main way to reach out to new connections in this new country that I’m in for sharing, inspiration, and support, whether it is done actively (DM, tweet, email) or passively (substack newsletter, medium blog).

In a physical world…

Are browser extensions finally having their moment in 2021?

Me trying out glass morphism design on Figma

Once upon a time in the desktop web browsers…

Well, extensions have been around for years. If you’re an early 2000s internet user like myself, you may remember those annoying Internet Explorer (R.I.P) toolbars.


When talking about consumer innovation, chances are you’re thinking about companies like Apple, Amazon. They have proven that “starting with the customer experience and work backward with the technology” is the right way to build a product and a brand. Their respective phenomenal platforms thrive on the concept of “the network effects”.

network effects occur when a company’s product or service becomes more valuable as usage increases

The correlation of network effects and customer experience has tipped these companies toward aggregating more resources (participants, information, products & services) for their platforms. …

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“le muguet de mai”

le muguet de mai

j’ai appris une tradition en France. “le muet de mai” est le symbole du 1er mai. Ce jour-là, il est offert comme porte-bonheur.

I learned about a tradition in France. The flower lily of the valley is a symbol of the 1st of May. On this day, it was offered as a lucky charm.

une bonne chanson à écouter

“Chicago” par Sufjan Stevens — La musique ouverture de la serie “The Politician”

cette semaine, j’ai fini de regarder la série Netflix qui s’apelle “The Politician”. Je l’ai trouve divertissant. De plus, la musique ouverture est superb…

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