I always envy people who write well because of their ability to express thoughts in a structured way. I believe people who write well, think well and vice versa.

We used to see each other face, but now it’s just words

Since March 2020, everything went online, most of them still are. My human connection shrinks to my circles of closest people (family, ex-colleagues, classmates). It has gradually become clear, writing would be the main way to reach out to new connections in this new country that I’m in for sharing, inspiration, and support, whether it is done actively (DM, tweet, email) or passively (substack newsletter, medium blog).

Writing may be the closest thing to working

Spending 5 years in an audit firm, I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits of being a generalist. It’s about having an overview in different finance topics, hands-on knowledge in a variety of industries, and dealing with a broad range of stakeholders so next time, when you’re encounter a new case, you can produce multiple approaches.

Here is what I’m going to do

  • Start small by tweeting my thoughts to people.
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